E-book The Collected Works of Robert G. Ingersoll

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The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll in twelve volumes comprises philosophical, political religious, and other literary works by American writer and orator. Table of Contents: Volume 1: The Gods Humboldt Thomas Paine Individuality Heretics and Heresies The Ghost The Liberty of Man, Woman, and Child Conclusion About Farming in Illinois What Must We do to be Saved? Volume 2: Some Mistakes of Moses Some Reasons Why Orthodoxy Myth and Miracle Volume 3: Shakespeare Robert Burns Abraham Lincoln Voltaire Liberty in Literature The Great Infidels Which Way? About the Holy Bible Volume 4: Why I am an Agnostic The Truth How to Reform Mankind A Thanksgiving Sermon A Lay Sermon The Foundations of Faith Superstition The Devil Progress What is Religion? Volume 5: Ingersoll's Interviews on Talmage The Talmagian Catechism A Vindication of Thomas Pain The Observer's Second Attack Ingersoll's Second Reply Volume 6: The Christian Religion Faith or Agnosticism The Field-Ingersoll Discussion A Reply to the Rev. Henry M. Field A Last Word to Robert G. Ingersoll Letter to Dr. Field Controversy on Christianity Col. Ingersoll to Mr. Gladston Rome or Reason The Church Its Own Witness Is Divorce Wrong? Divorce Is Corporal Punishment Degrading? Volume 7: My Reviewers Reviewed My Chicago Bible Class To the Indianapolis Clergy The Brooklyn Divines The Limitations of Toleration A Christmas Sermon Suicide of Judge Normile Is Suicide a Sin? Is Avarice Triumphant? Replies and Interviews Volume 8: The Bible and a Future Life Mrs. Van Cott, The Revivalist European Trip and Greenback Question The Pre-Millennial Conference The Solid South and Resumption The Sunday Laws of Pitsburg Political and Religious… Volume 9: Speeches and Addresses Volume 10: Address to the Jury in Various Cases Volume 11: Address on the Civil Right Act Trial of C. B. Reynolds for Blasphemy God in the Constitution A Reply to Bishop Spalding Crimes Against Criminals A Wooden God Some Interrogation Points Art and Morality The Divided Household of Faith Huxley and Agnosticism… Volume 12: Prefaces, Tributes, and Essays
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