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Ali Koçaslan was born in 1976 in the village of Baspinar in the province of Dîlok in Kurdistan, where he attended primary school. At the age of 12, he completed a two-year apprenticeship as a tailor in Dilok. Until he was nineteen, he worked in various jobs in Antalya during the summer months. In 1996, he travelled to Germany. Until 2000, he lived in a home for asylum seekers. In 2002, he graduated from secondary school in Osnabrück. He worked in pharmacies, in construction and in restaurants. For 17 years he underwent psychological treatment and took medication regularly. He went to many psychologists, but none of them could help him. Finally, with the permission of Allah Almighty, he was cured. He has not been taking medication for eight years and has fully recovered. He wrote the book 2017 Depression Policy and System Problem to help other people. In 2022, he wrote the book Death, the information about death given by Allah Almighty. In 2009, he gave up his Turkish citizenship and took German citizenship. Ali Koçaslan's mother and father are Kurdish and Alevi. Since his mother tongue, Kurdish, is forbidden, he could not learn his own language and never will! The language he knows best is Turkish, which kills his mother tongue. He also speaks German and some English. Ali Koçaslan loves all people, all animals and all nature. But above all, God Almighty! In 2015, Ali koçaslan was attacked by another Kurdish worker, a Muslim, while he was working at a Turkish workplace. He remained in hospital for five days. Ali Koçaslan suddenly opened his eyes in another universe. He stood in front of the invisible wall of death, and behind the wall of death he saw his mother. His mother was sitting comfortably and calmly. Ali walked towards his mother, and just as he was about to cross the Wall of Death, he found himself next to Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah was in the form of a human being, and he loved Ali very much. Right in front of us was Satan, the source of all evil. There is a problem between Allah Almighty and Satan, and this problem cannot be solved. Allah Almighty was with Ali in different environments and gave him information. He said tell this information to other people and continue your life where you left off. Ali Kochaslan can only tell people the information that is allowed. He cannot tell any hidden secrets. Our secrets are for us, and only those who come to us after death have access to these secrets. Did you know that Ali Koçaslan can help people in some matters? Did you know that the car that Ali Koçaslan drives will not have an accident? The last question is: Did you know
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