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Año de edición 2015
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Anna Roth: Rose smell of the life. What is hidden behind the rose smell of the life? Is there him really? Is he learnable? Or only do imagination things and daydreamings meet us in this elegant lyric tape? Anna Roth knows to indicate it brilliantly, as in her both already appeared lyrics to volumes with the title Rose smell of the love, also in this tape rose smell of the life a subtle balance it there is between the learnable life, i. e. of the reality in herself which comes along mostly grey dyed, and the nice things of the life which also meet us, for which we want to long and not let go any more. And she is anxious to us constantly in this world of the luck to lead the images and dreams, but also in a world of the life coping which means, there is an optimism which is invincible if I believe in it. Then behind this scenery of the positive life creation to reflect the attempt also upon the Christian faith and the Christian philosophy and to stir the mental results into the dough of the lived life, the experience of life we discover suddenly quite spontaneously, without advance warning the life entirety. Nothing remains faded out. And it is just this life entirety which happens between both Poles from positively and negatively and the author remains very much anxious, the Christian faith as a mainstay, the life bridge about which we must go everybody, of anchoring and of spicing the life steep path with him of giving him taste so that the life entirety not only eatable remains but our imagination stimulates, us dips into dreams, to us in the morning affectionately with the rose smell of the life to awake kisses. A successful lyric the tape which impresses by his subject variety as well as and above all by his mental depth.
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