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20 consultants in the field of SMB from 17 countries tell about their carrier and their daily business - an entertaining book, rich with ideas and examples for the successful usage of "interculturality". And a striking description of todays IT-industry and the world of Small and Medium Size Businesses worldwide. How to place for instance a German product in the bilingual market of Canada, which is used to the American markets but "culturally European"? How to found a foreign company's dependence in Malaysia with its 9 mother tongues? How to enter the Eastern European market with a concept "made in Germany"? What to pay attention to, if international negotiations should be done in China? How to approach as a consultant in an Arabic kingdom accompanying the build-up of a huge modern University in the dessert? This book is about cleverly used human network, it is about way of living and working beyond the usual. It is consultants and business people from different cultures speaking about their careers and efforts - and they offer a fine reader with anecdots, a helpful guidebook to intercultural aspects of business - and non-business life. By the way this book surprises with some highlights. For instance SAP-Co-Founder Hans Schrader for the first time tells the story of internationalisation of SAP, and the CEO Toru Yamashita from NTT Data, Tokyo, big japanese IT-company, gives his vision of a global company, driven by interculturalism. Hans Königes, Chief Editor of the leading IT-magazine Computerwoche about the book: Consultants always have some nice story to tell, as they meet with divers people from around the world. Most interesting all this becomes - as this volume shows - if consultants and customers come from different cultures and countries. This means mentalities and cultures clash. Do we know each other in the global village? No, still we are surprised by the variety of ways of life, still we are astonished, still we find lots of things to learn.
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